A burse 

Accumulated saving of population 

Acquisitions less disposals of valuables

Actual final consumption 

Agricultural production 

Average age of population 

Average monthly nominal wage 

Average monthly pension 

Average per capita money income 

Balance of external trade 

Balance sheet profit (loss) 

Balanced financial result


Budget expenditure (consolidated) 

Calculation of main macroeconomic indicators

Cargo transportation by transport enterprises 

Cargo turnover 

Change in inventories 

Compensation of employees 

Consolidated budget revenue 

Consolidated (state) budget  

Consumer price index (CPI) 

Consumption of fixed capital

Credit investment in economy

Crude birth rate 

Crude death rate 

Current saving of population 

De facto population 

Deficit of the state budget 

Designated pensions 

Disposable money income 

Distribution of the common fund of money income of household disposable resources by 20% groups of population

Distribution of deaths by causes of deaths

Domestic state debt 

Dwellings put into operation 

Earnings and outlays of insurance companies 

Economically active population 

Electronic mail  

Emission of harmful pollutants in the air from stationary sources 

Employment rate 

Employment rate 

Establishments of high education 

Exchange rate 


Expenditure on national defence 

Expenditure on external economic activity 

Expenditure on final consumption 

Expenditure on financing social and cultural measures 

Expenditure on financing the economy 

Expenditure on general administration 

Expenditure on maintenance of law bodies, courts and procuratorís offices 

Exports of goods 

External state debt


Final consumption 

Final consumption expenditure 

Fixed assets put into operation 

Fixed capital (fixed assets) 

Fund coefficient 

General educational schools 

Gross capital formation 

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 

Gross fixed capital formation 

Gross national disposable income (GNDI) 

Gross national income (GNI) 

Gross national saving 

Gross production of crops 

Gross value added


Imports of goods 

Increase in holdings of cash owned by population 

Indices of producersí prices of industrial output 

Indices of real disposable money income of population

Industrial output in physical units 

Industrial structure of indicators 

Infant mortality rate 

Insurance claims 

Insurance premiums 


Investment in fixed capital 

Labour pensions 

Long-term loans

Losses of water during transportation

Mailed (number of outgoing mail)

Mid - year population 

Migration outflow

Minimum amount of labour remuneration 

Minimum pension 

Mixed income 

Mobile communication 

Monetary aggregates 

Money expenditure of population 

Money income of households 

Money income of population 

Municipal dwelling stock


National wealth 

Natural increase of population 

Natural increase rate 

Net migration 

Net national lending (borrowing) 

Net taxes 

Network of medical institutions 

Number of burses 

Number of educational establishments  

Number of employed 

Number of livestock population 

Number of lorries (trucks) 

Number of medical personnel 

Number of pensioners by type of pensions 

Number of persons registered as invalids for the first time 

Number of persons suffered from work accidents resulting in the loss of ability to work and death 

Number of persons who do not have employment and applied to employment offices. 

Number of phone sets (including taxphones)of telephone network of general use or having connection to it

Number of registered crimes - total and classified by selected types of crimes 

Number of registered patients diagnosed for the first time by selected diseases. 

Number of students attending education establishments  

Number of transactions carried out at burses 

Number of unemployed receiving unemployment allowances. 

Number of unemployed registered by employment offices. 

Number of vacancies claimed by enterprises to employment offices 

Operating surplus 

Other subsidies on production 

Other taxes on production

Output of consumer goods


Passenger turnover 

Pensions to military personnel and members of their families 

Personnel engaged in R&D 

Pollutants catched ( neutralized) from waste gases  

Population growth 

Price indices for agricultural products sold by agricultural enterprises  

Private dwelling stock 

Privatized apartments 

Production of animal products 

Production of crops 

Production of crops per unit of land 

Productive capacities put into operation 

Proficit of the state budget 

Public dwelling stock

Purchasing power parity  

Purchasing power of population money income 

Real wage

Real wage index  


Resident population 


Revenue from external economic activity 

Revenue from privatizing public and municipal enterprises and organizations 

Revenue from sales of state bonds and other securities 

Rolling stock of transportation by purpose 

Rural population 

Sales of agricultural products by agricultural enterprises 

Sales of market services to population

Secondary specialized educational establishments  

Social pensions 

Sowing area under agricultural crops 

State dwelling stock 

Stocks of loans by banks

Short-term loans


Subsidies on products 

Supporting personnel  

System of National Accounts (SNA) 


Tax on income of persons. 

Tax on profit 

Taxes on production and imports 

Taxes on products 


The amount of minimum of subsistence 

The economic territory of the country 

The number of persons graduated from educational establishments  

The number of students admitted to educational establishments  

The structure of money income 

The total number of doctors 

The total number of paramedical staff 

The wage fund 

Total dwelling space per person 

Total land space 

Total retail turnover 

Total stock of dwellings 

Transportation of passengers 

Turnover of a burse 


Urban population 

Use of water from natural sources 

Value added tax 

Volume indices of GDP 

Volume indices of industrial output 

Volume indices of retail turnover and sales of market services to population (including everyday ones)

Volume of industrial production in value terms 

Water consumption (use)