Working Meeting of Specialists of National Statistical Offices of CIS Member-States on Youth and Gender Statistics
6-7 December 2016, Moscow







       December, 6th  

Statistical Portrait of Youth in the Commonwealth of Independent States: situation, problems, perspectives, Irina Zbarskaya, CIS-Stat


Poverty and Inequality: capability and perspectives of further development of statistics in CIS member states in the purpose of monitoring of SDG implementation. Youth and Gender context. Valentina Bryseva, CIS-Stat


Gender Context in SDG Agenda 2030. Observation of required data availability in CIS member states and tasks for future, Elena Vosmirko, CIS-Stat



       December, 7th  

Information resources for development and publication of statistical abstract Women and Men in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ilya Kuznetsov, CIS-Stat